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【Milbon home care hair treatment for fine hair 】9g*4packs
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          For Coarse Hair Charging

  • It is a special treatment for home that supplements rusting veil after salon treatment to normal / hard hair.
  • To moist hair.
  • Just dry it will keep the hair straight and tail.

    Use once a week instead of usual treatment.

  • It is a fresh and rich fragrance based on peony.

    For Fine Hair Charging

  • Home care once a week.
  • After a fluffy salon treatment, special treatment for home, to replenish the rusting veil.
  • Just dry it will keep the hair straight and tail.
  • Heartline: Recommended for soft hair.
  • Fluffy smooth and elegant scent.

    How to use:

  • After shampoo, the amount corresponding to the length of the hair is extended well for the palm of the hand.
  • Apply mainly to the end of the bristles and clip it.
  • Estimated Usage Long: 1, Medium: 2/3, Short: 1/3.
  • Adjust until the hair is "Kutatsu" and rinse thoroughly for about 30 seconds.
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