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Vrai (Vodka Craft Cocktail) Tangerine 355ml
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Vrai (Tangerine) Vodka Craft Cocktail 355ml x 1can 5.5% ABV



Name: Vrai (Vodka Craft Cocktail) – Green Tea
Alcohol: 5.5% ABV
Net Content: 355ml x 1can
Ingredients: Reverse osmosis water, Sucrose*, Citric acid, Vodka*, Natural flavor, Carbon dioxide
Product Highlights: Organic, Low sugar, Low calorie, USDA certified, No preservatives, Gluten free, Allergens free, Portable, Quality raw materials, packaging and taste
Product Specification: 24 cans/case, 9.2kg/case, 91 cases/pallet, 20 pallets/container, 840kg/pallet
Production Date: See bottle cap
Storage Conditions: Store in cool, ventilated, dry environment under normal temperature or Chill before drinking

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