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【I CAN SPEAK】 Easy Bilingual - Foreign Domestic Worker Edition + EtutorStar Learning Pen
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The Easy Bilingual-I Can Speak Series is written in accordance with Singapore English/Chinese daily conversation themes, vocabularies and sentence patterns
The Easy Bilingual Series adopt a situational learning model, combine the native language of the learner and voice enhanced feature. It is compatible with the EtutorStar Learning Pen, helping learners to quickly and efficiently improve their English/Chinese daily conversation proficiency in a short of time.
The Easy Bilingual Series is your best companion on a highly effective and wonderful journey in English and Chinese bilingualism learning via own mother tongue language.
Learning Characteristic Situational and thematic module.
Tap-to-Read audio voice assisted Native language induction.
Learning Objectives
. Rapid mastering of English/Chinese vocabularies and conversational sentences.
. Rapid improvement of English/Chinese speaking and listening skills, and ability to communicate.
Total Learning Points
. The Easy Bilingual audiobooks set of 8 books, 94 theme scenes, covers more than 3,000 English / Chinese bilingual vocabularies and conversational sentences
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