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Japan Dokkan Enzyme Supplement, Black Gold 180 Tablets
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Healthy-Trading DOKKAN ABURA DAS DIETER SUPPORT SUPPLEMENT 180 Tabletsdescription
- Made in Japan. Offcial imported from Japan.
- 46 Plant ferments speed up the body's metabolism
- 17 Cleansing herbal fibers strongly support the Intestine system
- Nature ingredients: Plant ferment, coriander, yam, black adzuki bean, lotus mist, passion fruit, guava, honeysuckle, wolfberry, mangosteen, longan meat, green beans, spinach, etc.

Product Note:
- Please follow the daily intake instruction and do not overdoes. In case of overdose, may cause diarrhea.
- For food allergies, please refer to the ingredients list. If not suitable for the product, please stop taking.
- This product is not a substitute for medicines, and the effect varies depending on individual constitution.
- Do not take during pregnancy or lactation.
- People who are taking medicine or hospital treatment, please consult your doctor or pharmacist before use.
- Not recommended for consecutive use over 14 days, or consult your doctor.
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