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Japan P&G Febreze Clothing Cloth Products Deodorant Antibiotic Spray
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Gently spray on cloth products that cannot be washed or easily washed,
Instantaneous appearance is like washed cleanliness,
Deodoration、 bacteriostatic ingredients can spread rapidly to every fiber,
Effective fight against the root causes of smell,
And reduces the odor from bacterial relations (Not all bacteria can be removed)
Use of deodorant ingredients from corn,
Available to families with skin-exposed clothing or children
Fine spray, force to eliminate the smell, let you bathe in a high quality environment.

Sterilization of bedding, for example: Cotton quilt、 pillow、 mattress, sprays can be sprayed about 20 times.
Cleaning of unscrubbed cloth products, for example: Curtains、 sofa、 cushion、 carpet, sprays can be sprayed about 20 times.
Age smell、 elimination of male sweat, for example: Suit、 uniforms、 shoes、 sports kits, spray about 10 times.

Ingredients: Deodorant ingredient-maize、 debacterial ingredients (Organic department)、 spices.

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