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Nichiban Roihi Tsuboko Medicated Pain Relief Patches HOT 156pc
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KEY FEATURES : -Apply directly on painful or stiff areas to relieve pain -Comes with a storage bag

-Please peel away the film which is attached to the plaster side of the ROIHI TSUBOKO and attach the tape directly onto the painful area.

-Shoulder pain, back pain, bruises, sprains, pain in joints, muscular pain, muscle fatigue, chilblains, pains caused by bone fractures

-Ingredients (per 1m2): methyl salicylate 10.76 g, I-menthol 4.87 g, mentha oil 0.53 g, dl-camphor 3.77 g, nonylic acid vanillylamide 0.04 g Additives: crude rubber, polyisobutylene, polybutene, petroleum resin, BHT, heavy calcium carbonate, carbon black, iron sesquioxide, Red 227, one other substance

-Directions (violating these instructions may lead to a worsening of symptoms or to other adverse effects) Please do not use on the areas specified below. -If you belong to any of the following categories, please consult a doctor or a chemist before using the product. -If you or any of your family members are susceptible to allergies -If you have developed allergic symptoms from medicines before (e.g. rashes or flares, itching, pain, skin eruption) -If you develop any of the following symptoms, please stop using the product immediately and consult a doctor or a chemist and show them these instructions. -If the following symptoms appear after applying the product -Body area: skin -Symptoms: rashes or flares, itching, pain -If the original sore or pain does not improve after applying the product for 5-6 days.

Other instructions -Always remove the product 30 - 60 minutes before taking a shower or a bath to avoid a burning sensation on the skin. Please note that the effect may be enhanced when applied alongside use of warming equipment (e.g. Japanese Kotatsu, electric carpet, disposable body warmer or electric heating blanket).
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